Specializing in 18650 technology.

Specializing in 18650 technology.

We're Juiced Batteries. A new U.S. based startup specializing in the highest quality energy products for vapers.

Buy yours today, you'll see why we're the battery every vaper's talking about.



  • Benefits

    Finally, a battery with a unique design and superior performance. Here are a couple of features of using Juiced batteries

  • Did someone say IMNR?

    Yes you read that right, IMNR. It is our very own hybrid chemistry, which combines the safety of Manganese with the extremely hard-hitting, conductive element Nickel. Longer life, safer, and harder-hitting. It's the best of all worlds.

  • Same-day shipping

    All orders are shipped out same day. We know what it's like to wait for vape mail, and it's not fun. 




What chemistry do they utilize?

Our batteries utilize a unqiue formation called IMNR, or Lithium-Manganese Nickel. This new and exciting advancement in battery technology enables us to have a long battery life, without sacrificing voltage.

Never before has there been a harder hitting battery, all the way down to 0%

What are they rated?

We use only real, accurate ratings on our batteries. 

Our current battery's ratings are as followed; 3,000mAh, 20A continuous, 3.7V, IMNR chemistry, High-drain 18650 battery.

Can I get a discount if I buy more than a 2-pack?

Yes! Check out our 5-PACK here for the best deal on our batteries.

For under $9/piece, enjoy the world's best vaping battery.