IMR 18650 Batteries: What does IMR mean?

imr_18650_batteryUnderstanding what "IMR" means

In 18650 batteries, there are many different terms to describe what's inside the them. ICR, NMC, and of course IMR, are all ways of describing the "chemistry", or chemical makeup, of the battery. 


What do you mean by "chemistry"?

Each battery is made of a particular chemical makeup, and each chemistry has it's own unique features and benefits. IMR batteries are made up of Lithium-Manganese Oxide, a mixture that provides both long battery life and high power. IMR batteries are the safest among 18650 battery chemistry, as compared to a ICR chemistry, which will result in violent explosions if mistreated.

This is not to say that IMR batteries are safe, because every lithium-ion battery (including 18650's) has the ability to catch fire or explode. Rather, IMR cells are more resistant and can handle more "stress". It's like the armadillo of battery chemistries.


What's the best battery chemistry for vaping?

The best chemistry for vaping would without a doubt be IMR. It combines power, long-battery life, and most importantly, safety. As with all batteries, only use lithium-ion 18650's in protected, regulated devices. Using these cells in mechanical or unregulated mods can result in fires or explosions. This is because there is no circuitry in neither the batteries or devices, meaning that there is nothing telling the battery to "stop". This will result in toxic gases, fires, and/or explosion. 

Here at Juiced, we provide the highest-quality IMR 18650 batteries. Please note that the two main causes for battery venting include;

1) Keeping batteries in a pocket/purse without protective casing

2) Battery wrap being damaged, torn, or stressed


Please have a thorough understanding of battery safety before using any lithium-ion battery. Never store batteries on their own, only in a protective plastic casing. If battery wrap is damaged, replace immediately.

These cells can be extremely dangerous, so do your research before using them!


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