Will these work in a mechanical mod?

Of course! They work great in all devices. 


What chemistry is the "Original" 18650 battery?

IMNR - or Lithium-Manganese, Nickel. A hybrid chemistry combining the best of both worlds - high capacity and high power output.


How do I know they're not just a cheap Chinese battery?

We have spent years researching and testing the best 18650 batteries out there. We finally found it, improved on it, and called it the Juiced 18650 Battery!


Do you guys ship outside of the US?

No, not currently. Due to the United States Post Office regulations, we're not allowed to ship lithium-ion batteries internationally. But we are working on it..


Why are you guys so great?

Simple - because we care about our customers! It is our mission to be completely honest in everything that we do. We'll do anything to make sure you're satisfied with your experience.