Juiced 18650 Batteries
 By Aaron, Founder
    "I started Juiced Batteries because I was fed up with the lithium-ion battery industry. The current 18650 batteries are old, boring, and un-safe. The ratings they use are BS, they're made as cheap as possible, and they never seem to hit right.
    That's why we're different. We dedicated our time to creating a battery specifically made for vaping. One with honest ratings, the highest-grade materials, and a trend-setting design that goes with any mod.
    We're the first for a lot of things. To start off, we're the first 18650 battery company to be based in the USA. Second, we're the first battery company created by and for vapers. This is huge. Our batteries were specifically developed for vaping, ensuring the best vaping experience possible.
    It is my mission to ensure that we, Juiced Batteries, will never lie about anything. From our ratings to our shipping times, our number 1 goal is to be as honest as we can be to our customers. 
    I truly believe that the vape community is unique to the world. It is a community based on love, a need to help others reach a common goal. And that is exactly why we were founded, to bring love into the battery industry. To be completely truthful and honest in everything that we do. It is safe to say, that we have done just that." 
Aaron, Founder and CEO