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Juiced Batteries "Original" 18650 Battery (5-PACK)

Our batteries are top-notch. Wanna know why? 

  • Impressive 3,000mAh battery life. That's 30% longer run time per battery.
  • Juiced IMNR™ chemistry, our own formulation that's long-lasting and extremely reliable. Perfect choice for your regulated devices.
  • Real ratings. We only use 100% real, accurate ratings on our batteries. That'll way you know what you're getting.
  • A fresh, modern design that goes with any device. No longer do you have to use those boring, off-colored batteries.
  • Stellar customer service. We'll respond to any questions you have the same day, our number one goal is to make you happy :)

We know batteries can make a huge difference in your experience. That's why we're here, to provide you with the best batteries out there.

 *Comes with a free protective case & extra battery wraps*



Capacity: 3000mAh

Continuous Current: 20A

Max/Pulse Current: 30A

Chemistry: IMNR, Lithium-Manganese Nickel

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Flat top, high drain, unprotected



These are unprotected cells. By purchasing, you agree that you have a thorough understanding of the dangers regarding rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. 

These batteries can vent, catch fire, or explode if mishandled. 

-Never short-circuit.

-Only store in a protective, plastic case made for your specific battery (all Juiced purchases come with a protective case). Never store in a pocket, purse, or bag without a protective battery case.

-If the battery wrap is torn or damaged in any way, replace immediately. 

-Only use in protected devices with a built-in protection circuitry.

-Never exceed the continuous rating of a lithium-ion battery.

-Periodically check the battery while using for an increase in temperature. If the battery begins to get warm, stop using immediately until it cools. If it gets very hot, stop using and replace the battery. 

-If you smell odd odors coming out of the battery, stop using and replace the battery immediately. 

Mishandling rechargeable lithium-ion cells can result in venting of poisonous gases, fire, explosion, as well as damage, injury, and/or death. Juiced Batteries Inc. is not responsible for any damage and/or injury resulting in the use of our cells.